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Anonymous said: hi! can u name all the times (like dates and places) that 1d has come to nz? thanks :)

Hey! Sorry for the late reply lovely.

So the first time they came was in April 2012. The were originally scheduled to play just one show on the 21st April 2012 in Auckland at the Trusts Stadium (I think that’s what it’s called) but they ended up adding another afternoon show on that same day at the same place. They also played at the St James Theatre in Wellington on the 22nd April 2012 (all of my photos are from that show)

The latest visit was last October :) They played at the CBS Canterbury Arena in Christchurch on 10th October 2013 and at the Vector Arena in Auckland on the 13th October 2013.

Hope that helped xx

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can we just take a moment to appreciate niall’s face..
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does anyone else just sit here and laugh at the directioners because their fandom is literally so insane that they just can’t hold it together they’re like a group of crazy conspiracy theorists who like plot about aliens or something i don’t even know just like wow it must be hard to be in that fandom i’m not tagging this because i’m actually afraid of some of them 

we have found you

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glenscockoh said: so basically your blog has made me weep because of all of it beauty. please follow my 1D blog zaynn-stole-my-heart and let me love you...okay ?

Haha thankyou!
Sure thing, it’s a side blog so I’ll follow off my main everyothercolour :)

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Anonymous said: there are such fantastic pictures!!! did u photoshop any of them?

Thankyou so much!! :)
nah I’m pretty shit at photoshop so I just left them how they were, there are heaps of edits out there though :)

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we got row 23 tickets for the Sunday show :D :D :D

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Anonymous said: where were you sitting and what camera do you have? xx

We were sitting 9th row from the front (Stalls Row G seats 44 & 45) and I used my Canon 1000D with a 85-300mm lens :) x

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This is my friend Bella and I right before the concert.THEY MENTIONED OUR SIGN ON STAGE OUT LOUD OH MY GOD IT WAS FABULOUS 
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